StoriesAs the seasons change and nature begins to bloom anew, “Take Flight Into Spring Manifestations” invites you to embrace the energy of renewal and growth. Whether you’re seeking to set intentions, explore creative expressions, or connect with like-minded individuals, this event offers opportunities to soar into the possibilities of the seasAwkwardly Zen Partner, Lisa Eleni, will be walking us through a variety of activities to help manifest your desires this Spring. We’ll open with a guided meditation then move on to some fun activities to call in all you desire! Make sure you have some paper and colored pencils, markers, or crayons available. Not artistic, no worries! No talent is needed for these activities!

About Lisa Eleni:

Lisa Eleni is very conscientious about empowering women in her practice. Due to varied life experiences, Lisa is able to compassionately empathize with women who are in the midst of transitions and life changes. She incorporates meditation, journaling, and art projects to help participants move the hurting energy into healing and personal empowerment. The skills that Lisa has acquired over the last fifteen years through various classes and retreats are interwoven with her artistic and intuitive abilities. That, coupled with her creativity and intuition level, make her a very powerful facilitator for healing.
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