Aligning Your Chakras

The 4th of July is a great time of celebration and gathering with friends and family.  It is a holiday that not only unites our loved ones, but it connects us to the greater good of the unity of our nation and the new beginnings of our democracy.

It also brings people into our space that have not been there for a while since COVID interfered with get-togethers.  That is why it is so imperative to be aware of your energy and then work towards maintaining it.  So many have had a variety of struggles and setbacks in the past year that their energy may not be recalibrated to the new beginnings we had before the pandemic.  Some have suffered loss, depression, changes in income, and a myriad of other challenges that many felt like they had to navigate alone.  That’s why this month it is important to set the intention of maintaining your own energies as you start to venture out with others.  Your energy can be stimulated and maintained within your own personal chakra system.

While the chakra system can be somewhat complex, with 114 energy points spread throughout your body,  there are seven main energy centers that align with the colors of the rainbow. Maintaining the flow of energy through these centers can help you feel balanced and centered because your intuition, emotions, and thoughts are flowing freely. There are many ways to achieve that energetic flow, but here are some tips to create and maintain energetic flow through your chakras this month:

  1. Learn the colors. Each chakra has a color that coordinates with a portion of your body that aligns with the colors of the rainbow. Once you are aware of the colors that match with each chakra, you can easily identify what portion of your body may need extra color to get back in alignment.
  1. Learn the emotions. Each chakra is associated with emotions you experience in your daily life. When you are in alignment and all of your chakras are open you can feel a certain way which is often the antithesis of how you feel when you are not in alignment. Understanding the range of emotions can alert you to when you need to support to move out of the stuck and into feeling in motion.
  1. Learn the body functions. When you understand what each energy center is associated with, you can be more mindful of what is not in alignment. With that awareness, you can move your body and support the chakra centers in many ways.

These three tips can be used as tools to give you awareness of how energy is flowing or not flowing in your body. With that attentiveness, you can build your knowledge so you know what to do to recalibrate and realign your energy.  This will help you feel empowered and intent about maintaining your intentions this month.

In July 2021, I will be hosting a Women’s heart intention playshop for $30 on July 1 at 6:30p at Discover your Spiritual Gifts for all people over 18 yrs old.  We will do a light meditation, self-reflection, and journal strategies for intentional living.  We will create chakra sun-catchers to remind you to maintain your energy this month so you can live and abundant life in 2021!

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