Making 2022 The Year Of Intention

We have a new year upon us! Since energy is so important and affects us in many ways, it is important to look at your mindset as we enter the new year and focus onto what you want to manifest this year.

Your mind is the most important part of your body to get into shape this year. You mind is what controls how you react to the energy moving around you.  You all have heard it said that it is not the situation you can control, it is how you react that is your superpower.  You can’t really change anyone else, but if you can shift the way you think about a situation or the person, it may be easier to handle their idiosyncrasies.

This year, instead of trying to change what is going on around you; focus on what is going on within and be aware of where you are putting your energy. Empower yourself to make changes necessary by reflecting on your thoughts.

Mindsets can be trained.  They can be trained to be limiting and fear-based, which can leave you feeling stuck in that old story of how you can’t because of this person or that situation, etc.  They can also be shifted to a positive mindset.

First, you want to reflect on what is sabotaging your success. Think about where you have limiting ideas. Listen to how you talk to yourself.  Phrases like, “I have to do this.” and “I have no choice.” are limiting ideas. You always have choices. Once you have awareness of how you are holding yourself back; you can start to shift those ideas and move into action.

Everything you want to create, you can!

Figure out how to believe it and own it so you can attract it and create it. Here are some ideas of how to get into a new mindset for 2022:

Tap into your vision of success and who you really are vs. the limitations and stories. See yourself in the energy of what you are manifesting: create the details of how you will feel in the new energy of whatever it is you desire. Review it daily. .
Uncover solutions for your excuses or perceived problems.  If you know you will need to work on your ideas, plot time out on your calendar and make yourself accountable. Start taking small steps toward your goals.
Figure out what motivates you and encourages you and create an affirmation you can repeat.  “I am generating new possibilities with gentleness and ease.” Put your affirmation in a space where you will see it to remind you to repeat it.  This is a great way to retrain your mind to a new mindset.
Do you have support? It is important to surround yourself with people that are like-minded and can support your vision for change and remind you of your ideas or encourage you so you can forge ahead.
As you move forward into the new energy of 2022, believe in yourself and have a Magical New Year!

This month I will be hosting an ARTshop for $30 on January 6th, 2022 at 6:30p at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. For all women over 18 years old, we will do a light meditation, self-reflection, and work on strategies for intentional living. We will tap your word of encouragement or short mantra into a bracelet so you can be reminded each day of what energy you are manifesting throughout the year.