Fill Your Gnome With Love

In March, we often celebrate the luck of the Irish. A pinch of green makes us all feel a little more Irish.  Leprechauns bedeck the halls with green various Irish tartans and four-leaf clovers hang in the empty air space below the ceiling tiles under the guise of good luck. They also point the way to the coveted pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which suggests prosperity.

Delving further into the legends, it becomes apparent that putting your dreams of luck into the ideology of a small leprechaun may not be in your best interest.  According to, leprechauns are somewhat devious. They are only 2-3 feet tall and are known for being very quick witted, highly intelligent, and willing to do anything to evade capture. They can also be somewhat spiteful.

With that in mind, I decided to investigate some other symbols of luck and playfulness.  Gnomes seem to everywhere and dressed for every occasion from holiday celebrations to gardening.  To by surprise, gnomes appear to have a lengthy significance throughout the generations and looking into the legend, I was pleasantly surprised about the benefits of beholding a gnome in your home. The folklore of gnomes can be traced back to primarily European countries including Germany, and France, but there are even some references to gnomes in Japanese countries which are known as yokai.

Gnomes are miniature legendary creatures with human characteristics including white billy goat beards, over-sized hats, and bright colored outfits. They are known as earth nocturnal earth dwellers who protect and preserve the earth.  Gnomes have been responsible for the growth and development of healthy plants and were revered by farmers after their creation in the late 1800’s. Folklore suggests that having these in your garden can enhance the growth of your greenery; especially since they are here to guard treasure. The treasure for a farmer is certainly crops, so no need to chase down a rainbow to obtain fortune.

The gnome itself is a symbol of good luck.  They are believed to provide protection against evil; having a garden gnome is equivalent to putting a statue of the Greek goddess Tyche in your garden.

Gnomes are also associated with the four elements: earth, fire, air, and water.  Each element has its own energy and vibration that align with the ideals behind philosophy, science, and medicine. The four elements also have metaphysical connections.

Air- represents intellect, intuition, and connection to the universal life force.

Earth- represents the foundation of life, family roots, and connection to your life path.

Water- is associated with emotions, subconscious feelings, and healing.

Fire- is associated with creativity and transformation.  It is also a connection to personal power and inner strength.

With Gnomes in your home protecting all of the elemental energies, who needs luck? As we set the intention for the month of March, be mindful of the elements and all they represent and welcome the gnome into your home.

I will be hosting an ARTshop for $30 on March 3rd, 2022 at 6:30p at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. For all women over 18 years old, we will do a light meditation, self-reflection, and journal strategies to create your own luck. We will create mini fabric gnomes to bring elemental magic into your month.