Spring Is In The Air

As I woke this morning, I was greeting by the relentless chirping of birds marking the start of Spring. It is such a rejuvenating time of year that holds the potential energy of new beginnings and sets new ideas into motion. I couldn’t wait to open the window to let in the fresh air.

As I looked around, I noticed that the grass is starting to turn green despite the recent dusting of snow, but the buds aren’t quite forming on the trees.  I started to ponder the significance of what mother nature was putting on display out the window. Spring is definitely in its infancy, the flowers haven’t quite made their presence known, but they are close to the surface. This is a reminder that it is time to get moving on the  ideas that I have been mulling over this winter. There are so many ideas close to the surface; ready to blossom.

With no energy behind the intentions that I have been thinking about, however, I have managed to put myself in analysis-paralysis.  The condition in which I am so caught up in making sure that everything is perfect, that I don’t seem to be able to actually start anything I could potentially be excited about completing.  All of those big plans that were dormant all over the Winter need to see the light of day. The beauty of being inspired by nature is that not everything is all perfect, but the birds are busy chatting and finding places to build their nests.  They are gathering supplies and scoping out where they will perch – they are not concerned that the leaves have not bloomed.  They are just moving forward, trusting that all things will fall into place.  They instinctively know that the leaves will offer them shade and protection, but they aren’t waiting until that is in place or perfect. They are just taking action and moving in sync with the Spring energy.  That is what is wonderful about the fertility of Spring; it offers a new shift to clear out the stale air in your home and in your head and put some energy toward the ideas you have been thinking about this winter.

Have you done your spring cleaning?

Open the windows and let in the fresh mountain air. The movement of air in your home will really freshen up your space.

Clear the space with candles or sage.  Putting in a fragrance from an intention candle or clearing the old energy in your space is a great way to clear your home and help you refocus on your ideas.
Rearrange the furniture or photos in your home. One way to really shift stagnant energy is to move some furniture at a new angle or in a new space to really shift the way you live in your space. You can also take all of your art off the walls and find new spaces for them around the house.
Fill up those planters and get your hands in the dirt!  Reconnecting with nature is a great way to shift your ideas and get some wonderful flowers, herbs, or vegetables growing.
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